Model 4612 Extreme Temperature Ionizer

Balance <±5V when used with 4062e-CLC Controller and 550 Antenna
Stability <±10V (30 day average) when used with 4062e-CLC Controller & 550 Antenna
Discharge <2 sec @ 150 mm; <5 sec @ 300 mm, with 0.3m/sec laminar air flow
Airflow 0.2-0.45m/sec laminar airflow (30-90 fpm)
Dimension 210L or 526L x 21W x 30H mm (8.3 or 20.7L x 0.8W x 1.2H in)
Weight 100 g (4612-210); 250 g (4612-526) (0.2 or 0.6 lb)

Eliminates Static Charge in Hard to Control Extreme Environments

Simco-Ion’s new Extreme Temperature Ionization System provides <±5V balance in extreme environments from -50°C to +155°C.  The 4612 Ionizer, along with its 4062e-CLC Controller and 550 Extreme Temperature Antenna use closed-loop control to ensure the ionizer’s output is balanced at the location that’s critical.

  • Operates in temperatures as high as 155°C (310°F) and as low as -50°C (-58°F)
  • Balance control of better than ±5V standard meets the new stringent requirements for S20.20
  • Antenna to measure balance at the device location


Download Datasheet

Model 4612 datasheet