AirForce Blow-off Gun

Discharge ±1000-100V 1.0 sec @ 6” (15.2 cm), 30 psi
Balance ±30V
Cleanliness Meets ISO 14644-1 Class 4 (Fed Std. 209E Class 10)
Ion Emissions Steady-state DC
Dimension Gun: 8L x 3W x 1D in. (20.3L x 7.6W x 2.5D cm); console: 8.5L x 3.0W x 1.6D in. (21.6L x 7.6W x 4.1D cm)
Weight Gun: 12 oz (341g) with 7 ft (2.1m) air hose; console: 11.5 oz (326g)

Reliable Static Control & Balanced Ionization for ISO Cleanliness Class 4 Environments

Simco-Ion’s AirForce Model 6115 Blow-off Gun’s power makes the AirForce effective in removing particle contamination and ideal for use in clean process applications. The 6115 is the only gun product rated at ISO 14644-1 Class 4 cleanliness (Fed. Std. 209e Class 10 equivalent). Steady-state DC ion emission provides efficient ionization with an average discharge time of less than 1.0 second.

  • Ergonomic gun design
  • Flexible, lightweight air hose with integral low voltage power cable
  • Replaceable emitter point assembly and quick-eject filter
  • Strong blow-off force
  • Steady-state DC ion emission
  • IsoStat® technology
  • Durable static-dissipative materials
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 4 cleanliness operation

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 AirForce Model 6115