AeroBar® 5285e PDC Ionizing Bar

AeroBar 5285e
Input Voltage 24 VAC (max) 50/60 Hz, 1W
Ion Emission Pulsed DC
Emitter Points Single-crystal silicon, machined titanium or tungsten alloy
Dimension 2.1H x 1.2W x 22, 28, 44, 64 or 84L in. (5.3H x 3.0W x 55.8, 71.1, 111.8, 162.6 or 213.4 cm)
Weight 6 oz per ft of bar length (0.17 kg per 30 cm)
Controller 5024(e)
Input Voltage 100-230 VAC (max) 50/60 Hz
Capacity 4 ionizers (Model 5024); 20 ionizers (Model 5024e)
Indicators Positive and Negative Ion LEDs
Alarm Model 5024e only: LED indicates emitter failure; optional audible alarm
Dimension 12L x 2.25D x 2.5H in. (30.5L x 5.7D x 6.4H cm)
Weight 3.25 lb (1.5 kg)

Ionizing System with Adjustable On-Times for Efficient Ionization Performance

Simco-Ion’s AeroBar Model 5285e Ionizer and Model 5024 Controller are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations and has a unique aerodynamic design that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar flow. Its Pulsed DC technology, combined with optimized emitter point spacing, provides uniform performance over the work area.

  • Sequenced bipolar ionization
  • Unique aerodynamic design
  • Individual positive and negative power controls at each bar
  • Ion current regulation and operational failure alarm

Controller Model 5024

Simco-Ion’s Model 5024 Ionizer Controller provides power and control to the Model 5285e AeroBars. The 5024 Controller is available in a standard model that supports up to four ionizers. An enhanced version of the 5024 Controller has the ability to power up to 20 units and includes a local LED alarm along with an audible alarm option that alerts the user of any ionizer failure.

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 AeroBar 5285e