5515 Ceiling Emitter

Input Voltage 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1W (typ)
Ion Emission Pulsed DC, steady-state DC or standby
Emitter Points Emitter Points Single-crystal Silicon or machined Titanium; replaceable
Cleanliness Single-crystal Silicon ISO 14644-1 Class 1; Titanium ISO 14644-1 Class 3 (Fed. Std. 209e Class 1 or better) equivalent
Emitter Rods 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 24, 36, 60 in. (6.4, 12.7, 253.4, 38.1, 61.0, 91.4, 152.4 cm)
Dimension 1.2H x 1.4W x 17.5L in. (3.1H x 3.6W x 44.5L cm)
Weight 16.4 oz (465 grams)

Ceiling Emitter Room Ionization System Provides Precision Control of All Ionization Parameters

The Model 5515 Ceiling Emitter and Controller Models 5522/5582 comprise our state-of-the-art digital room ionization system. Digital technology allows each ceiling emitter’s parameters, including ion output, ion pulse timing or digital address, to be either individually set at its location using the Model 5571 and Model 5572 handheld controllers, or remotely set through IonManager Pro when integrated with the software. Precision fine tuning of each ceiling emitter enables the ionization system to achieve maximum performance in any airflow condition and for each application.

  • Fully digital technology
  • Single-crystal silicon or titanium emitter points
  • Advanced Feedback Technology
  • Small and large capacity controllers

Controller Model 5522/5582

Simco-Ion’s small and large capacity controllers, enable the user to start with the Model 5522 controller capable of controlling a small system with 20 or fewer ceiling emitters and grow into a large system with full software monitoring capabilities by simply moving to the Model 5582 Controller.

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 Model 5515